Source of the Golden Edits 2- “De La Ooh”

photo(38)Back in 2000 myself and Steve Christian were asked to remix De La Soul’s “Oooh” featuring Redman. This was actually the only mix we completed that didn’t end up getting used. I managed to locate the original DAT tape which had the acapella upon it and from there set about a completely new interpretation. The beat for this was started in L.A on a newly purchased MPC 1000 . At the end of my three year stay in the city I decided to trawl through every thrift store within a 20 mile radius in search of records to sample. One of the records contained the loop for this remix, it was taken from a German jazz label called ECM, a source which had provided my drum machine with many a good sound over the years . “Swansong ( For a Nation)” which features on the first Rae & Christian album Northern Sulphuric Soul bears testament to the fruits available as the vocal samples were taken from an ECM track called ” Transformate, Transcend Tones and Images”.

De La Soul are one of the most influential and creative acts in hip hop history, if you add Redman to that mix then you know you are in for quite a ride.

Here is the original and yes that is Dave Chapelle as the doorman in the intro!


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