To get the full Golden Edits EP in 320 mp3 or WAV format. Just join the mailing list to the right and I’ll send it straight way or when I next get up out of bed… whatever comes first :)


  1. Pooky

    Wotcha fella…loving these edits

  2. Looking forward to playing these out Brother Mark…

  3. stevie g


  4. Rich Kimble

    Sounding great Mark ! not sure if the email went through for mailing , hopefully :) Cheers !!!

  5. Jobes

    For a skinny guy you’ve always kept it phat. Nice work Mark, look forward to more…

  6. Jay Kay

    Amazing !! Thanks for these

  7. Arveene

    Nice Nice Mark!!

  8. Yep, pretty sure these will be getting rinsed at our parties down here in Rio de Janeiro! Cheers, mate, for the quality tunes over the years and for your generosity in sharing these edits with us (as soon as you get out of bed next) ;) um abraço!

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