Little Drummer Boy

Welcome to my very first blog post folks. Over the coming weeks and months I will be distributing some fine freebies for the DJ and home listener alike. This will also be the destination that allows you to read sections from my forthcoming book which will be released in combination with my third solo album. The album which has been rather long in the making is on the home straight now after taking a back seat to Yesking and Rae & Christian projects . In the interim I have lived in Los Angeles for 3 years and now find myself back in London.

All of the travelling and moving about has been linked to my life’s passion, music. It started in Newcastle my hometown as evidenced in the attached photo, a snap which is most likely taken when I was 14 . It captures an early attempt at drumming, my tools are a boys brigade marching drum rescued from a dump and a snare that an old school friend had given me. Together with my lack of skill they made a nonsensical racket and it wasn’t long after an attempt to use the radiator as a cow bell that the noise was duly banned from the house.

Thank god for decks and samplers!

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